We are so excited to launch the new website for St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Community here in Germantown. As you can see, however, we are in desperate need for some photos! We need pictures of the building, parishioners, events, ministry activities, and so on.

If you have some you would like to send, please email them to 108550387096779083112.SaintV@picasaweb.com.

Some guidelines:

  • The picture should be large enough for the website (at least 800 pixels wide) so that it looks good on screen.
  • Due to legal reasons, we cannot post identifiable pictures of minors without their parent’s explicit, written permission. If you are sending a picture of your child, please be sure to talk to someone on the web team about signing a photo permission form.
  • Please indicate in your email if the pictures should be directed towards a specific part of the site. For example, if you are sending pictures for a specific ministry’s page, then please let us know so we can place it correctly.

We want to keep this website as fresh and vibrant as our community, so please continue contributing your photos to the site.

Thanks in advance for your help,

The Website Ministry