During the month of November, we will be remembering all the Holy Men and Women who have gone before us in faith. You will notice that icons have been placed around our church. We invite you to spend some time reflecting on these images. In addition, we will be using the image of a Retablo.

In Mexican folk art, a “Retablo” is a devotional painting. Stories of saints or of an event that evoked the intercession of a saint, were often placed inside the “Retablo. Thanks to parishioner, John Fiorella, our reflection space will house a large Retablo. We are asking our church members to bring in pictures of “models of faith” living or deceased that we can place inside. This is also a great opportunity for families and friends to have discussions around “who is a model of faith to you”. Please begin to bring these images; if you want the picture returned, put your name on the back. There will be a basket at the main entrance for the pictures.