Nearly every week, St. Vincent’s hosts a post-Mass hospitality gathering. In the summer, it’s usually water ice and pretzels on the Rectory porch. In autumn through spring, we have donuts and coffee in the Hospitality room. But no matter where it is, or what we’re serving, it’s a vital ministry to the church. It’s how we welcome visitors. It’s how we connect after Mass. It’s part of the glue that binds us together as community.

This article on is a good read on the importance of these sorts of gatherings.

But of course, this only happens through the contribution of time from individuals or groups willing to host hospitality each week. So, if you can, please sign up at the back of the church. Contact Jack DiFeo at 215-887-7911 if you’re interested, or simply have questions. It’s not a huge time commitment, and definitely not difficult to set up.

See you at Hospitality!