Dear Family and Friends,

Have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year (2018) filled with God’s Choicest Blessings!

I usually write about five different Christmas letters, but this year I decided to write one for everyone. First, let me thank you for your prayers, love and friendship. I really believe that this is a time of prayer for us and the entire world. It is a time that hopefully, we will all turn to God for guidance. As I look at our country, I see divisiveness and hate, when we need healing and unity and respect for each other and our differences. We need the love that God brought into the world.

Once again, 2017 filled my life with wonderful faithful people who care about God, family and others. Let me take this time to thank all of you who helped with the AFRICAN APPEAL either by your prayers or financial support. So much good was done. You are awesome. I will fill you in later, when I write on that subject.

I was also blessed to go to Rome for the first ever Vincentian Family Symposium. We had 11,000 people attend from 99 countries. What a Blessing! Vincentian Family is any lay or religious group that seeks to help the poor and needy in the Spirit of St. Vincent De Paul.

My parish seems to get busier each year. We are known in Philly as the “Social Justice” parish. Oh, what an honor to work with so many loving people like yourselves. We are still working on replacing our roof; first time in 167 years. Hopefully by next Christmas it will be finished. Pray for Father Joe Cummins, my associate. He has been struggling with cancer and a variety of health issues for many years.

I hope that life is going well for each of you. At Christmas, give the gift of love. Tell Jesus you love Him and tell all those around you that you love them.

Be assured of my prayers for you during Advent and the Christmas Season. Please keep me in yours. Thank you in advance for your support of my African Appeal.

Merry Christmas,

Father Sy Peterka