Prayers of the FaithfulFirst Sunday of Lent

February 29 – March 1, 2020

In his temptations, Jesus listened to and was led by the Holy Spirit.  During this season of Lent may we open our hearts to the Spirit so that we may follow Jesus more faithfully and experience God’s amazing grace.

We pray for our Church and world leaders, those entrusted with the care of others.  May they use their authority with humility and compassion.

We pray our national leaders will work to protect our natural environment from the demands of industry, so that God’s wondrous gifts of nature will be available for all people and animals.

We pray for all catechumens and candidates studying to become full members of the Church, especially ChiomaAberAzi, Diane Robinson, Freeman Chambliss, Caitlin Morris, and Diana Thompson.  May God bless them abundantly as they prepare to become disciples of Christ in the Catholic Church.

We pray for all the sick, especially those suffering from the Coronavirus.  May they be healed and may this epidemic soon end.  May all who have lost a loved one find comfort in God’s promises.

Mary Ellen GrahamPeg McFadden