March 7-8, 2020(11 Mass add: “Let Us Pray to the Lord”)

Loving God, we pray that during this Lenten season we are renewed by the Spirit, returning to our first love, Jesus.

Loving God, help us to better “listen to Him”, to listen to His Word, and to take the Word to others outside of our church walls.

Healing God, we pray for those who have suffered loss of life, loss of homes, and loss of possessions in natural disasters, especially this week in the tornado in Nashville, Tennessee.

Healing God, help our medical and government leaders as they make critical decisions to contain the coronavirus/covid 19.

Generous God , we pray for Your many blessings for our catechumens, Diane and Chioma, and for our candidates, Freeman, Caitlin, & Diana.

Merciful God, we pray for all who suffer illness and for their caregivers, that You bring them comfortand strength. We prayfor those who have died, that they find eternal glory in Your loving arms.   Submitted by:  Joan McGowan