We pray that during this Lenten season we, along with our catechumens and candidates, can abandon the deeds of darkness and live according to the justice and truth of God through the light of Christ.

We pray that we can look at others as God does, not looking at appearances but looking only at the heart. We pray that the Spirit will help us to extend love and assistance to all who are suffering illness, isolation, and despair during this worldwide Covid 19 crisis.

We pray that our government officials provide all healthcare workers and caregivers who are on the front lines with the protective equipment that they need to care for themselves and others.

We pray for our catechumens, Diane and Chioma, for our candidates, Freeman, Caitlin, & Diana, and for our St. Vincent community preparing to receive them, that we hold fast to Christ and love God above all as we navigate the days ahead.

We pray during this difficult time that we, as a community, will be the light of Christ to others.

Submitted by: Joan McGowan