General Intercessions Holy Thursday April 9, 2020

As we begin this Holy Triduum, let us pray for the Church throughout the world. Even though we cannot break bread together this year, may communities of faith be the real presence of God for one another.

Let us pray for our Jewish brothers and sisters as they celebrate Passover this week. May their remembrance of God’s powerful deliverance be a steady comfort in the days to come.

Let us pray for nurses, doctors, grocery clerks, bus drivers, and the countless others who continue to serve despite personal risk. Through them, may Jesus kneel to wash the feet of his disciples once more.

Let us pray for the grace to cherish each day. Conscious of the fragility of life, may we who have come from God, and are going to God, be a blessing to everyone whose lives we touch.

Let us pray for those who are gravely ill,for those who have died, and for those who bear the cross of worry or grief. United in faith, hope, and love, may we all follow Jesus through death to new life.

Christine Eberle