General Intercessions Easter Vigil April 11, 2020

As the Church keeps vigil throughout the world tonight, may our faith in the invincible light of Christ sustain us through any dark days ahead.

As parishes keep vigil with those longing to celebrate their sacraments of initiation, may Diana, Freeman, Caitlin, Diane, and Chioma hold fast to the light of Christ.

As scientists and researchers keep vigil over clinical trials, may the light of Christ lead them to swift discoveries of the tests, treatments, and vaccines needed to resolve the coronavirus.

As government officials keep vigil over the distribution of life-saving equipment and economic assistance, may the light of Christ illumine the way to best serve the common good, and to care for those most vulnerable.

As loved ones keep vigil at the bedside of those who are ill, or wait by the phone for news of a loved one in isolation, may the light of Christ be a steady flame against the darkness of despair.

When vigils turn to mourning for those who have passed away, may the light of Christ warm the hearts of those who grieve, and welcome those who have died into fullness of joy.

Christine Eberle