May 17, 2020

We pray that we will spend time each day listening for the
Holy Spirit, knowing that the Spirit is with us always,
reminding us of Jesus’ infinite presence, love, & mercy.

We pray that we can hear the call of the Spirit, joining in
wherever the Spirit is at work.

We pray that, as we begin Laudato Si’ Week, we listen to and
respond to Pope Francis’ challenge to “hear the cry of the
earth and the cry of the poor”.

We pray for all who have suffered financial loss, that
they will receive relief and support from government
and community sources. We pray that they will soon
realize economic security.

We pray for those who are suffering physical and mental
illness, that they receive loving care and know that they are

We pray for all who have suffered loss of loved ones during
the pandemic, that they will find peace, knowing that their
loved ones have risen and are surrounded by God’s glory.

Submitted by: Joan McGowan