Petitions for June 27 and 28, 2020

  1. Almighty God, you have led us on the path to fulfilling your plan on Earth.  For the Pope and all the cardinals and bishops who are your emissaries, enlighten them to use their influence in ways that will open hearts hardened by prejudice and bigotry.
  • Sovereign Lord, you show us by example how those who welcome you in the form of the stranger in need will be welcomed into your Kingdom. For the leaders of our nation and our local leaders, infuse them with words of welcome to the immigrant and the refugee.
  • Precious Lord, you gave us the gift of Baptism so that we have become other Christs in the world. Use us to comfort those who are suffering due to a new level of systemic injustice and racism, use us to comfort them at this difficult time.
  • Spirit of Life, you have woven us into the life of the divine family. For all who have lost employment during this time of containment, may they get relief through the programs that are sharing food and shelter.
  • Merciful Lord, you have promised a place at your table for all who have left this world in a state of grace. For all who have died and for their families in this time of social distancing, comfort them now and forever and make them yours.

John and Terry Trudeau