Sower of good seeds, we pray for Pope Francis as he speaks your truth of inclusion and non-divisiveness. We pray for courage for all church leaders as they spread this message.

We pray for the protection of this nation as we struggle with so many social and moral problems:  COVID-19, racism, immigration.   May we all seek out the common good.

Sower of good seeds, we pray that you provide for the needs of all who have lost their jobs and resources due to this coronavirus. May government and other organizations respond compassionately and justly to their needs.

We pray for the courage and honesty to let go of our egos as we, the St. Vincent’s community, begin the challenging work of discussing racism and racial prejudice.  Guide us as we struggle to face the evil of privilege.

Sower of good seeds, may your word take root in the hearts of our youth.  May they grow in faith and be open to your call to church vocations.

We pray for comfort and healing for all those who suffer from ailments of the body and mind.  Embrace all of our loved ones that you have called to yourself.

Sheila  Sharpe

Peg McFadden