God of justice, we pray our Church leaders will honestly and courageously address the role racism has played in the church throughout our history and in our world today.  May they lead us to search our own hearts.

We pray our nation will come to unity in our efforts to overcome the coronavirus.  May we all follow the guidelines of our medical experts.

God of mercy, we pray for all immigrants, especially those at our border who have been separated from their loved ones.  May the way be found to reunite these families.

We pray in gratitude for all who serve our St. Vincent community, especially those whose labor is unseen. May they be affirmed and encouraged in all they do. We pray for special blessings for Tiffany Dunn, our secretary, as she moves on to the next part of her life.

God of compassion, we pray for all who suffer from physical, emotional, or mental pain.  May their faith in you be strengthened and bring them encouragement.  May all who have passed through death find your everlasting peace.

Sheila Sharpe

Peg McFadden