Merciful God, we pray for the universal church.  May its leaders follow the wisdom of Solomon: to understand what is right, what is just, and what is for the common good.

We pray for our nation’s leaders.  May justice and compassion for the poor guide their decisions.

Merciful God, we pray for all those who are suffering from the loss of work and housing due to the corona virus.  May you give them the strength and courage to sustain them in their time of hardship.

We pray for parents as they make difficult decisions about their children’s schooling.  May they be guided by the advice of the medical community and educators as they strive to protect their children.

Merciful God, we pray for all the essential workers, doctors, nurses, technicians, and frontline workers.  May you strengthen and protect them.

Heavenly Father of All, we pray that during this time of racial upheaval and its history in this country, that we seek an end to the evil of racism and replace it with Your justice, peace, and your forgiveness.

We pray for all those who are suffering from the corona virus.  May they find hope as they undergo treatment.  May those who have died be at peace, and their loved ones comforted.

Sheila Sharpe

Mary Ellen Graham