Prayers of the Faithful
24 th Sunday of Ordinary Time
September 12-13, 2020

We pray for the Church in the world as we address the many divisive conflicts of our times: racism, immigration response to the corona virus. As followers of Christ working for justice, may we seek paths to understanding and reconciliation.

We pray for our catechumens, Chioma and Diane, and our candidates, Freeman, Diana, and Caitlin. As they make their faith commitments, may they know the joy of the Holy Spirit and the loving support of this community.

We pray for those in the city of Philadelphia responsible for housing the
homeless. May they find the resources to provide permanent, supportive housing especially for those living on the streets or in encampments.

We pray for peace in our cities’ streets. May the struggle for justice be carried out in non-violent ways.

We pray for all who are suffering from illness, separation, and anxiety, and for those who were unable to be with their love ones in death due to the virus. May they once more find comfort in rituals of mourning and know closure and peace.

Mary Ellen Graham
Peg McFadden