Prayers of the Faithful
23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time
September 5-6, 2020

We pray for our Mother Earth, so wounded by exploitation and disregard. May we heed Pope Francis as he calls us to rediscover our vocation to be stewards of creation.

We pray for our catechumens, Chioma and Diane, and our candidates, Freeman, Diana, and Caitlin. May the Holy Spirit sustain and encourage them in their faith journey.

We pray for all students as they meet new challenges and ways of learning. May they receive all the support they need to succeed.

We pray for all laborers, especially those who are inadequately compensated, who work in hazardous conditions, and those who are unemployed. May all find meaningful work and just compensation.

We pray for all who suffer physical and emotional pain, anxiety, or loneliness, especially those affected by Covid 19. May they and all who have died experience God’s compassion and mercy.

Mary Ellen Graham
Peg McFadden