OCTOBER 17-18, 2020

We pray for the ability to give to God what belongs to God:
our total existence; our every thought, intention, and action.

As we observe the Children’s Sabbath this weekend we pray
for the moral, spiritual, and ethical imperative to nurture,
protect, and seek justice for all children.

We pray for all who suffer as a result of systemic
racism, white supremacy, and oppression. We pray that
we as a Church and a people can affect true change
through anti-racist education and actions.

As we observe World Mission Sunday we pray for the
courage to proclaim the Word of God. We also pray for the
safety and spiritual strength of missionaries throughout the

We pray for all who suffer mental and physical illness, that
they find relief. We pray for all who have died, that they find
joy in the presence of our merciful God.

Submitted by: Joan McGowan