OCTOBER 24-25, 2020

God of love, we pray for the ability to love all of our
neighbors, those who differ with us, those who are different
from us, and those living on the margins.

God of peace, inspire world leaders to view all people as
Your children, the world and environment as Your creation
and our common home for all to share in love and peace.

God of hope, we pray that our government and public
servants will enact laws and policies to deconstruct the
systems of racism that exists in our country.

God of justice, as we celebrate Solidarity Sunday motivate us
to work together to end all forms of violence and
discrimination against our LGBTQIA sisters and brothers.

God of compassion, we grieve those who are suffering or
have died, especially the over 220,000 who have died from
Covid 19, may they receive comfort in your everlasting grace.

Submitted by: Joan McGowan