For the Church throughout the world:
During this time of pandemic, may parishes find new ways
to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of all God’s people. We pray…

For the ongoing struggle for racial justice
in our nation, our city, and our St. Vincent’s community:
May we not rest until “every valley is filled in, every mountain and hill made low.”
We pray…

For children everywhere, especially the most vulnerable:
On this Feast of St. Nicholas and always,
may they be surrounded by loving kindness and protected from all harm.
We pray…

For all of us who have grown weary of COVID precautions:
Remembering that “with the Lord, a thousand years are like one day,”
may God’s patience reign in our hearts until we can gather safely once more.
We pray…

For those in our parish who are seriously ill,
And for those who have passed from our sight:
May God’s peaceful and healing light bring comfort to all.

Christine Eberle