St. Vincent de Paul Parish – December 25, 2020

 For peace in our world. In the midst of shootings, assaults, rioting; in
the midst of strife in homes and on the streets, may the Prince of
Peace come to change hearts. Let us pray to the Lord.

 For humility in our hearts. Rid us of prideful actions, hurtful language,
abusive power, racism, religious superiority and whatever debases
the soul. Inspire us with the humility of a Savior born in a barn. Let us
pray to the Lord.

 For inner light. May that light shine in our midst, dispelling the
darkness of unjust imprisonment, self-serving government, deception
and dishonesty lurking within and manifested in corruption. May the
Light of the World truly enlighten all people. Let us pray to the Lord.

 For ever-increasing wisdom—to know how to serve unselfishly, to
know how to teach truth, to know how to speak and act prophetically.
May God’s Spirit strengthen and guide us. Let us pray to the Lord.

 For healing and solace in the midst of sickness and death. Protect
those who serve the sick—nurses, physicians, first responders and all
who find themselves in harm’s way. Comfort those who have lost
family and friends. Let us pray to the Lord.

Paul Witte