Prayers of the Faithful
Baptism of Jesus
January 10, 2021

God of peace, we pray for Church leaders throughout the world. May they speak out to the injustices of all who suffer from homelessness, unemployment, and poverty.

God of love, as Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit at his Baptism, so were we at ours. May your Spirit deepen in us our relationship with you and help us know we are your beloved children.

God of peace we pray for our country, overwhelmed by chaos and lawlessness. May law and order prevail and may those who have been elected to office be able to safely do the work of restoration.
 God of peace, we pray for wisdom as we work toward racial reconciliation with our police force. We pray that in protecting us, they do not react with violence, and we pray for their safety in their often dangerous work.

 God of love, we pray during this pandemic for healing for the millions of infected people and for their families. May all who have died and all who mourn be held in your loving embrace.
.Sheila Sharpe
Peg McFadden