Prayers of the Faithful
Third Sunday of Ordinary Time
January 23-24, 2021

God of glory, we pray that all churches will be voices for social,
economic, and racial justice that will help our country to heal the
wounds of division.

God of justice, we pray for the safety of our newly installed
administration. May President Biden and Vice-President Harris
be covered with your mercy and grace as they work toward a
more inclusive democracy.

God of peace, we pray for our city of Philadelphia where so much
violence pervades. Help us find and teach non-violent ways to
heal our grievances.

God of healing, we pray for the millions of people throughout the
world that are suffering from Covid-19. May those in third world
countries and those on the margins receive the same care and
vaccine as those with means.

God of love, we pray for all who are mourning the death of loved
ones. Console and strengthen them in their pain, and welcome
those who have died into your glory.

Sheila Sharpe
Peg McFadden