If response is not sung the lector adds We pray to God

Oh Almighty Eternal God, we ask you, on this Valentine’s Day weekend, that you may bless all couples and families, as they gather virtually or in person, to share love with one another, we also ask that you bless all of us with love and tolerance, that we may be more welcoming and loving, towards all mankind, now and forever.

Creator and Savior of the world, we ask, that you continue, to advise, all our elected officials, and to help them create new laws, and uphold just ones, in love and understanding for all people.

God, we lift up our elderly and our sick, so that you may heal them and make them whole once more, especially those that are affected by this pandemic, and are struggling in these times, we also ask that you wrap your loving arms, around those who suffer from mental health issues, and help them feel less alone during these secluded times.

Oh Holy and Everlasting Creator, we ask you, to guide the souls, of our dearly departed loved ones, especially black and brown lives, and the many lives lost to COVID, as they make their way home to you, and that you might give comfort, to all of us, suffering from great losses this year.

Humbly your servant,

Dorina Opferman