February 27-28, 2021 (if no sung response add: “Let Us Pray to the Lord”)

We pray to You, Loving God, that we can match the faith of
Abraham, and be always faithful in our trust in You.

We pray to You, Loving God, to transfigure the Church so
that She may always be a place of welcome, hope, and
justice for all.

We pray to You, God of Justice, that we can truly listen to
Jesus as we battle the sin of racism in our healthcare and
educational systems that deny the poor, and people of color,
especially children, the care and opportunity to which they
are entitled.

We pray to You, God of Justice, to motivate our government
leaders to work together to meet the urgent needs, both
physical and financial, of all during this deadly pandemic.

We pray to You, Merciful God, to help those who suffer
physically, mentally, and spiritually. We pray for all who have
died, as they are welcomed into your everlasting presence.

Submitted by: Joan McGowan