March 6-7, 2021 (if no sung response add: “Let Us Pray to the Lord”)

Let us pray that we can recommit, during this holy season,
to a new beginning, where prayer is central in our lives.

Let us pray, as we begin Women’s History Month, that
women in the Church will be afforded the
leadership opportunities that will allow all to thrive.

Let us pray, that our legislators be guided by God’s
laws, which call us to live in right relationship with all people.

Let us pray for the Spirit to instill in us the
desire and will to recognize, and answer to, the needs
of those who suffer from addiction, mental illness, poverty,
and oppression.

Let us pray for all who suffer illness, that they receive
comfort and care, and for all who have died, that they rest in
God’s eternal peace .

Submitted by: Joan McGowan