General Intercessions

Easter Vigil & Easter Sunday ~ April 3-4, 2021

(If response is not sung, lector adds “We pray…”)

O God of new beginnings, we praise you for the restoration of our beautiful church. May this House of Vincent be a place of peace, justice, and mercy for generations to come.

O Divine Physician, heal the painful divisions oppressing our nation. Help us to mend the wounds we have inflicted on one another, as we strive for a more perfect union.

O Good Shepherd, guide us beyond this time of pandemic. Open the way for us to worship freely,
to return to school and work safely, and to embrace all our loved ones again.

O Light of the World, give new life to those whose hope is wearing thin. May those exhausted by work, worry, illness, or isolation find their strength in you.

O Risen Savior, welcome to your heavenly banquet all who have died. May we who remain be comforted by our faith that those who have slipped beyond our sight rejoice forever in your glory.

Christine Eberle