Prayers of the Faithful
Third Sunday of Easter

Risen Lord, we pray for our Church. May it find its way to include all God’s
people, especially women and the LGBTQ community. May all people be
fully incorporated into the Body of the Church.

Open the minds of government leaders and public officials to racial
injustices. May they find ways to redress past wrongs.
Sung Response: Oyenos mi Dios

Risen Lord, open the eyes of all people to see their neighbors with respect
and dignity. May we recognize the gifts all bring to our beloved community.
Protect our Asian neighbors and all people of color from prejudice,
violence, and hatred.
Sung Response: Oyenos mi Dios

Risen Lord, open our hearts to all who are struggling spiritually, whose
ways are clouded by disappointment and doubt. Show us how to walk with
Open us to the needs of those suffering physically and emotionally,
especially those who are mourning. Bring them your comfort and healing.
Sung Response: Oyenos mi Dios

Mary Ellen Graham
Peg McFadden