Prayers of the Faithful for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Merciful Redeemer, we thank you for holding our legal system accountable in
the recent Chauvin case, and we humbly ask for your swift justice for all who
continue to suffer under systems of white supremacy and fall victim to police
brutality, especially Ma’Khia Bryant, who was recently killed by police. For this
we pray . . .
As we approach the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, hold fast our
black and brown brothers and sisters who take a moment to breathe, to sigh,
and to continue onward. Help us all to not stand idly by as we see countless
injustices inflicted on marginalized groups within our church, our country, and
our world. For this we pray . . .
Oh Divine Creator, we ask that you help us care for those who are sick,
especially those suffering from mental health issues and feeling secluded in
these socially distant times. Let them know the blessing of the resurrection of
Christ in this Easter season. For this we pray . . .
Eternal God, watch over those who have suffered like Christ, especially those in
the trans community who are forsaken and forgotten. Let them feel the love and
warmth of your Holy Spirit, during these tragic and violent times. For this we
pray . . .

Dorina Opferman