1. Jesus, you have instructed your followers to be your witnesses to the ends of the earth.
    Embolden us to give witness to current disparities in our world today.
  1. Dear Lord, grant us the qualities of humility, gentleness, patience and restraint in our
    witness to others of your coming.
  2. Christ, you are the head of the Church. Infuse our leaders with courae and boldness to
    address the issue of sexual abuse that has destroyed so many lives.
  3. Most Holy One, open the eyes of our hearts to the injustices of mass incarceration and the
    imprisonment of minors in our criminal justice system.
  4. Risen Christ, you ascended into Heaven on the 40 th day so that we may be made followers
    of your divine message. Help us to spread your message of love with love.
  5. Merciful God, lead those who have left this earth into your everlasting kingdom and
    bring solace to those left behind.

Submitted by Terry Trudeau