General Intersessions for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

  1. Father God, you have grown a vineyard in which we as the branches
    bear the fruits of your divine wisdom. Provide our government leaders
    with the courage to pass laws that will ensure the safety of our young
    people, especially young Black men.
  2. Help us to speak boldly as our forefather Paul, to change the minds
    and touch the hearts of our fellow Catholics as we address the issues
    of racial injustice.
  3. Jesus, our brother and teacher, you help us to know the WAY through
    your abiding love. Guide us to share with our neighbors and friends
    your way of caring for those in need.
  4. Beloved Son of God, your father on earth, Joseph, guided you
    through your first 30 years. Instill in our fathers today the traits of
    dignity and responsibility he lovingly bestowed on you.
  5. Mary, our Mother and the mother of Our Savior, intercede on our
    behalf to your Son and give solace to those who have succumbed to
    the coronavirus or other diseases.
  6. We pray especially today for comfort for the Primosch and Smith
    families. Console them and bring their loved ones to paradise.

Submitted by Terry Trudeau