General Intercessions

7th Sunday of Easter – May 15-16, 2021
Lector: Our response to the petitions will be “Oyenos miDios:, which is
Spanish for “Listen to your people.”

  1. Heavenly Father, your Son, Jesus prayed that you would watch over
    those left behind. Watch over our leaders so that they may govern
    with wisdom and integrity.
  2. Let us pray for those currently running for office in our city and state
    to serve on the bench of law and a new DA to enforce the law with
    justice and fairness.
  3. Holy Father, creator of our fragile home, Mother Earth, inspire us all
    to make changes in our lives to protect and preserve its beauty.
  4. On this anniversary of Laudato Si, let us embrace the words of Pope
    Francis to care for our planet as we would care for our own dwellings.
  5. God of Wisdom, shower on the scientists and doctors fighting to end
    the pandemic the knowledge to quell the spread of Covid 19.
  6. Merciful Lord, we pray for all of our brothers and sisters who have left
    us to enter your eternal kingdom. Comfort those left to mourn their

Submitted by Terry Trudeau