General Intercessions
Sixth Sunday of Easter

Lector: Our response to the petitions will be “Oyenos mi Dios”

  1. Holy Spirit, we welcome you into our hearts so that we may see
    others as God sees us. Sanctify our leaders so theywill wield their
    power for the good of all, not merely special interests.
  2. Precious Lord, as you share your love for us, help us to share that
    love towards one another. May that love be the force for our Church
    leaders to do the right thing for victims of clergy sexual abuse.
  3. Dearest Lord, you convinced Peter that all are equal in your Father’s
    eyes. Infuse us with that same understanding and help us to bring
    equality to those who have been treated unjustly.
  4. Our Father in Heaven, look down upon your kingdom on earth and
    open our eyes to the wonders of your creation. Help us to care for it
    as you would.
  5. Beloved Son of Mary, our Mother, bless all mothers on this their
    special day. Give them the honor they deserve.
  6. Guide our loved ones who have succumbed to the coronovirus to
    your heavenly kingdom and let us remember all those who are no
    longer with us.

Submitted by Terry Trudeau