Prayers of the Faithful
14 th Sunday of Ordinary Time
July 3-4, 2021

Loving God, we pray for the Church throughout the world that we may
recognize today’s true prophets and courageously heed their call.
We are grateful for all our blessings as Americans. As we celebrate our
independence, we pray that all in our country will soon know freedom from
racism, bigotry, and violence.

We pray for all who are suffering from natural and man-made disasters:
forest fires, flooding, building collapses. Bring help and comfort to all who
have lost loved ones and homes.
Lord, help us to heed your call to reverence and care for our earth, to find
the will to live more simply, and to ardently address global warming.

Loving God, we pray for deliverance from our “thorns in the flesh”: our
illnesses, addictions, and fears. Help us to trust you in all our needs.
In faith, we know “your grace is enough.” May all those who are suffering
from sickness or from loss know you are with them. May all who have died
know the joy of everlasting life.

Sheila Sharpe
Peg McFadden