St. Vincent de Paul Church, June 12-13, 2021

Pray the petitions in 3 pairs. The response is said or sung after each pair.
The sung response is: “Hear us, hear us, hear our prayer, O God.”

We pray that communities, like our sister parish Las Anonas* in El
Salvador, will place their trust in God despite natural catastrophes
and economic woes.
*pronounced Laas Ah-know-nas
We pray that the courage of migrants and minority people be an
example to us of perseverance in the face of seemingly
insurmountable obstacles.

(The response is sung or said at this point.)

We pray for a new day, a new era of true emancipation that will
change the character of our country and create a beneficial
environment for youth.
We pray that public officials will be sincerely concerned about the
challenging needs of the city and the police will plant seeds of
hope in our communities.

(The response is sung or said at this point.)

We pray that fathers and mothers plant the seeds of faith in their
children and fathers in particular take to heart their role in the
spiritual upbringing of their children.
We pray that families, having lost loved ones through violence or
the pandemic, experience healing and confident faith in the

(The response is sung or said at this point.)

Submitted by Paul Witte