Prayers of the Faithful
June 19-20

Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Loving God, we pray for Pope Francis as he speaks your truth of
inclusion and human dignity for all. May church leaders carry out this
truth in word and action.
In this year of Joseph, and on this day of remembrance, we pray for all
fathers. May they, like Joseph, grow in wisdom and love as they guide
and care for their children.

Merciful God we pray for your protection over this city and country.
Heal the wounds of racial division, police brutality, and violence. Give
our country’s leaders the wisdom to deal with the issues of gun control.
We pray for our children during this summer season. Keep them safe
from all violence whether in the street or in the home.

Welcoming God, as we celebrate Juneteenth, we pray that our country
will seriously consider justifiable reconciliation. Help us to continue the
work for true racial equity.
We pray for healing for all those that suffer from emotional and
physical illness. May those who have died know your loving embrace.

Sheila Sharpe