St. Vincent de Paul Church, June 5-6, 2021

Pray the petitions in three pairs. The response is said or sung after each pair.
The sung response is: “Hear us, hear us, hear our prayer O God,”
For the spoken response, add “Let us pray to the Lord” at the end of each pair.
We encounter Jesus in the breaking of the bread. May we become like
Jesus—bringing reconciliation to a world divided by violence.
The Eucharist strengthens the faithful. May our sharing of bread and
wine equip us to heal racial and ethnic divisions and overcome hatred.

(Sing or say the response at this point.)

Liturgical ministers help us worship and commune with God. May our
ministers—ministers like Jim Delaplane—be continually inspired to
serve in creative ways.
Summertime is a time of leisure. May we take the opportunity, too, for
ministry, like working with youth, reaching out to needy communities,
and doing good works to benefit others.

(Sing or say the response at this point.)

We are the Body of Christ growing in holiness. May we guide our
children— like newly baptized Jonas Ross Aikens—into spiritual
The Eucharist is food for the journey. May those approaching death
draw strength from the Body and Blood of Christ and find the fulfillment
of their faith in Christ at the eternal heavenly banquet.
(Sing or say the response at this point.)

Submitted by Paul Witte