May 22-23, 2021
The sung response is:

“Oyenos mi Dios, oyenos mi Dios. Listen to your people; oyenos mi Dios.”

If the response is not sung, end the petitions with:

“We pray to the Lord.”

O Spirit who inspires us, move us to action against racism and
hate, especially unjust imprisonment and the unwarranted killing
of people of color.
O Spirit of wisdom, enlighten us about systemic wrongs in society
and government. Teach us how to stand against them and to
correct them.

O Spirit, renew the Church. In recognition of human frailty, may
we continue to repent and make amends for the sins of racism
and sexual abuse.
O Spirit of hope, work through us to bring order out of the chaos
of disease, homelessness, bigotry and wanton disregard for the
integrity of creation.

O Spirit of peace, bring reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict. Likewise, as we commemorate the death of George
Floyd, may our own racial conflicts be resolved.
Holy Spirit of resurrection and life, strengthen us to persevere with
strong faith despite the loss of loved ones and the unjust deaths
of the innocent.

Submitted by Paul Witte