St. Vincent de Paul Church, May 29-30, 2021

Pray the petitions in three pairs. The response is said or sung after each pair.
The sung response is: “Hear us, hear us, hear our prayer O God,”
For the spoken response, add “Let us pray to the Lord” at the end of each pair.
• We are chosen by God as a special people. May the
Holy Spirit stir us to unflinchingly follow Jesus.
• We pray for all those recently baptized, especially for
Bryan Rufus Taylor Newsome. May he and all our
youth bless the world with their spiritual gifts.

(Sing or say the response at this point.)

• Give your church, we pray, the courage to fight for
justice—to house the homeless, feed the hungry,
promote equity in education, to free prisoners
condemned falsely.
• Strengthen us to counter violence against people of
color and to thwart systemic racism.
(Sing or say the response at this point)

• We remember those who have died, especially those
in military service. May the assurance of eternal life
cause our hearts to rejoice.
• May the peace of the Holy Spirit fill every soul and
radiate outward, setting people free in Christ’s name.

Submitted by Paul Witte