Prayers of the faithful
15 th Sunday of Ordinary Time
July 10-11, 2021

Loving God, we pray for all you have chosen to be your disciples. May
your wisdom and love guide our church leaders to be messengers of
your mercy and peace.
We pray for the leaders of our country that they will work for the
common good and promote unity, peace, and justice.

We pray for our community of St. Vincent. As we return to Church may
we be open to the needs of all our ministries and to your call to give
our time and talent to them.
We pray for this community as we continue our pursuit for racial
healing. May we be led by your Spirit and become a guiding light for all.

We pray for all the sick and suffering, especially Pope Francis. May they
be healed in body, mind, and spirit.
We pray for all who have died. May they see your face as they enter
into eternal life.

Sheila Sharpe