Oh, Merciful Shepherd, we ask for guidance, as we do the hard work of
combating racism in our church. Help us to listen to our brothers and sisters in
Let us not forget the far strides we have come in this work. We know that at
times it may seem impossible, but through you, ALL things are possible.
Sung Response
God of Justice, guide our elected officials to make honorable decisions regarding
voter practices, especially in disproportionately affected communities of color.
Help us to remember and respect our brothers and sisters in the trans
community, especially those who have suffered and met violent ends.
Sung Response
Sweet Holy Spirit, comfort those who suffer from mental and physical illnesses.
Draw them close and let them know they are never alone because you are
always right beside them.
Send your aid to everyone who has been impacted by Covid, physically,
mentally, and emotionally.

Dorina Opferman