Bread of Life, you feed us so that we may never go hungry. Help us to share our
food, both physically and spiritually, within our parish community and
throughout Germantown.
Help us learn how to share our faith with all peoples. Guide us on how to
evangelize to marginalized groups in Philadelphia, to further enrich our already diverse parish.

O Righteous God, spark in our country’s leaders a sense of justice. May they
make righteous decisions on behalf of all of us, especially with the rise in COVID
cases recently.
All powerful and blessed Messiah, please protect the Olympic athletes and all
those involved in the Olympics. Keep them safe from COVID and safeguard the
citizens of Japan, as they host this event.

Guard and heal those who are suffering in Nigeria, especially Father Joseph and
his family in the wake of their traumatic experience.
Protect and guard our black, brown, and Asian brothers and sisters, as they face
so much hate and discrimination in this world.

Dorina Opferman