Gracious God , we humbly welcome Your word. Help us to be
doers of Your word, ministering to the poor and the marginalized.
Gracious God , assist us in our prayer life to look inward, so that
we can avoid the evil that defiles, and embrace the good that is in
our hearts.

Peaceful God, our world cries out to You. We ask that You inspire
our leaders, as well as ourselves, to act in the face of economic,
religious, cultural, and racial oppression.
Peaceful God, we pray for educators and students who are
returning to school. Assist them in navigating the many
challenges they face as they return to in person teaching and

Forgiving God, we pray for all who have died, especially those
killed in the terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, that they may
find peace in Your loving kingdom.
Forgiving God, we pray for all who have lost relatives and friends,
especially to Covid and its variants, that they be comforted in
knowing that their loved ones are with our wondrous God.

Submitted by: Joan McGowan