God of Love, as we remember the arrival of enslaved Africans in
the USA, 402 years ago on August 20, help us to understand the
impact of slavery on this country as well as on Africa. Help us to
be instruments in open dialogue and action that will end the sin of
God of Love, You have the words of eternal life. Assist us in our
daily service to You, for You are our God.

God of Peace, as gun violence continues to accelerate in our city,
help us to advocate to our legislators for common sense gun
legislation that will dramatically reduce the number of guns on our
God of Peace, we pray that Your presence will help to bring hope
to those marginalized in our community, including the poor, the
mentally ill, the sick, and all who are oppressed.

God of Mercy, we pray for all who are affected by natural and
human caused disasters, especially those affected by the
earthquake in Haiti, civil war in Afghanistan, and wildfires in the
western United States. We pray that humanitarian efforts will
alleviate the suffering of so many.
God of Mercy, we pray for those who have joined You in eternal
life, and for those left behind, that they find comfort in knowing
that their loved ones have found everlasting peace in Your

Submitted by: Joan McGowan