God of hope, as the Church prepares for the synod to be held in 2023, may
the voices of all its members be heard.

We pray for this parish as we work on racial healing. May our dialogues
deepen our understanding of the wounds of racism and help us move
forward, able to worship with one voice.

On this Children’s Sabbath we pray for children who suffer from neglect,
abuse, or exploitation. May those entrusted with their care nurture, protect,
and defend them.

We pray for the homeless especially recent immigrants. May they be given
the means and support needed to rebuild their lives

Help us to see in this time of Harvest our need to be good stewards of
creation. Help us care diligently for our resources so that future
generations may enjoy the fruit of your bounty

God of mercy, we pray for all who are suffering from illness, infirmity, and
loss. May they know healing and peace. May all who have died be
welcomed into your kingdom.

Mary Ellen Graham and Peg McFadden