On this Solidarity Sunday, we pray for the Church and all its organizations. May
they strive to meet the needs of all God’s people.

We pray for the LGBTQTA community. May they be welcomed and affirmed in
every aspect of their lives, especially in all our churches.

We pray for the Vincentian Family Gathering that is being held in Atlanta. May it
contribute to healing the wounds of racism and be effective in inspiring change.

We pray for all refugees who have left their home in fear, especially those from
Afghanistan who are now in Philadelphia. May the disruption of their lives be
eased by our compassion and support.

We pray for all the sick, especially those not receiving adequate care. May they
find the resources that will meet their needs.

God of consolation, be with all who are mourning. May our departed loved ones
know the joy of your welcome.

Mary Ellen Graham
Peg McFadden