3 rd Sunday of Advent

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. It is necessary for a
victorious life in Christ. We pray for joy.

John the Baptist knew who the Messiah was when
he saw Him. May we acknowledge the Messiah and
long for His return.

Our Lady appeared to indigenous Mexicans thus
elevating their lowly state. We pray for the Godly
humility of a St. Juan Diego.

Many are homeless and do not have a safe place to
live or even a country to live in. We pray that they
will find reasons to hope.

We are anxious about many things like violence and
poverty. We pray for the inner peace that comes
when we act against such situations.

We lift up those who mourn the loss of loved ones
and those who are facing imminent death. May they
experience the Peace that surpasses understanding.

Paul Witte