General Intercessions

2 nd Sunday in Ordinary Time/MLK Weekend– January 15th- January 16th, 2021

Sweet Heavenly Dove, stay right here with us and guide our parish community,
especially this MLK weekend. Help us show more love and tolerance to ALL of
God’s precious children.

Teacher, as Omicron continues to sweep the nation, protect our teachers and
children in such unprecedented times. Guide our local and federal
administration responsible for their needs to make just decisions on their behalf.

Mediator, as the Asian community continues to face hatred, we ask that you
intercede. Bring your swift justice to all people of color, especially as we
celebrate Korean American Day this week.

Great Prophet, Dr. King longed for a day where we would all have access to
rights that our most privileged citizens take for granted. Help those who have
little to no access to basic mental and physical health services.

Redeemer, another apartment fire has hit the northeast due to inadequate
housing and safety practices. Envelop those who have died in these fires and
guide them to their Eternal resting place.

Dorina Opferman