Prayers of the Faithful
January 2, 2022
Feast of the Epiphany

On this feast of the Epiphany, we pray for our Church leaders. May the light of
Christ guide them and inspire them to shepherd God’s people with wisdom and

Like the star that guided the Wise Men, may the Holy Spirit guide our country’s
leaders and those of all nations in their judgements and decisions. May fear,
hatred, and oppression give way to cooperation, justice, and peace.

We pray to Mary, Mother of God and our mother, to be with all who care for
children that they may nurture them in love and lead them to Jesus.

May the wisdom of God guide scientists, doctors, nurses, and caregivers who
continue to fight the covid virus as it spreads around the world. May they be kept
healthy and strong during this pandemic.

O Radiant Light, guide us through the darkness of our times: racism, violence,
greed. Help us to recognize your presence in all people and give us the strength
and courage to commit ourselves to the works of peace and justice.

May your light bring comfort to all who are grieving, and lead all who have died,
especially Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to the glory of their eternal home.

Sheila Sharpe
Peg McFadden