General Intercessions

Baptism of Our Lord – January 8th- January 9th, 2021

Oh Creator, the source of the living water, bathe us in your everlasting glory. Help
us to know you better by becoming a more loving and tolerant faith community.

Savior of the World, guide the minds and hearts of our elected officials to make
just laws and better decisions, that take ALL of your precious children into

Protect voting and civil rights across our nation, help our black and brown sisters
and brothers regain the rights they so desperately deserve right now.

Anointed One, on this feast day we celebrate your baptism, wash the world with
your healing waters as the Omnicron variant and other variants of COVID
continue to plague us all.

Enwrap the sick, the dead, and those who have lost loved ones, especially to
COVID, in your loving embrace and grant them peace and serenity.

Dorina Opferman