Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time
February 12-13, 2022

As we celebrate Black History Month we remember Father Augustus Tolton. May
his ability to overcome the barriers of racism and serve the Church faithfully
inspire our efforts to build a united community.

Black History Month provides a time to reflect on the injustices that have
prevented men and women of color from achieving their full potential. We pray
for equity in education, employment, business, and housing so that no door
remains closed.

We pray that our leaders, and all of us, will fully grasp the vulnerability of the
earth, and engage in the issues and practices that will heal and restore our planet.

We pray for the world’s displaced people, left homeless through poverty, natural
disasters, ethnic cleansing, and war. Give us the willingness and perseverance to
seek solutions that will alleviate suffering and provide housing.

Risen Lord, we place our hope in you. Hold in your love those who are sick or
grieving. May our loved ones who have died rest in you.

Mary Ellen Graham
Peg McFadden